Basics of CSS
In the early days of web development developers would have to hard code the graphics of a website into there page. As time went on and companies wanting there websites to have a new feel and look developers would let out a subsequent moan as they'd have to rewrite all their code to make the site look how the employers desired. After which Cascading Style Sheets was born.

The aim of CSS is to have it so that people can easily customise their website's appearance without having to have all the graphics integrated with there site. So the best thing to keep in mind is that everything you see before you isn't in fact as shiny as you would believe. If you turn off custom styles in your web browser you'll see that everything on this page is black and white and even the text is Times New Roman.

In the Documentation section of the site there are various sections, anything topics to do with changing the appearance of a site will be done with CSS. Please proceed there to learn how to change your CSS.