Installing MySite

First Steps

These are the basic steps to ensure that your MySite is setup correctly as just a bare bones website. MySite is designed with an automatic downloading tool built for installing and keeping your MySite up to date. Simply follow the following instructions below to install your MySite for the first time:

- Download and open up MySite Installer.
- Connect to your website host with your FTP client.
- Copy across Downloader.php and settings.php

MySQL Connection

At this point you need to remotely open up your settings.php file. Through this you can save the settings.php file remotely without having to download it first, edit it and then upload it again. You need to set you settings.php file to have the settings for your database.

$host = ''; - between the '' you need to enter the address that is hosting your MySQL database. This can be stored on the same hosting server as your website itself, if this is the case often you can enter 'localhost'

$user = ''; - this is where you must enter your user name in order to connect to your MySQL server. This account needs SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT privileges to all tables.

$password = ''; - this is the password for the account above.

$database = ''; - this can also be known as the Default Scheme. If you're running a standard MySQL server then it will often have Test as the default scheme.


After the connection details have been entered you must enter at least 3 categories to do with your website.

e.g. $Categories = array("Art", "Webcomics", "Commissions")

If you do not enter at least 3 categories your website will be prevented from loading. These details will be submitted to the advertising database and controls what adverts are displayed on your website. If at any point you wish to change the categories of your website that is alright but the adverts system will not update your categories before a week of the last change.

e.g. If you set your categories on the 1st of June the next opportunity you have to update them again is the 8th of June, however if you then update them on the 10th of June you will not be able to update them again till the 18th of June

Site Credentials

After settings you can proceed onto setting the name of your website and setting up the password for your site.

e.g. $SiteName = "Super Galactic Space Warriors";
$SitePass = "qH5t0902Zx";

These are just examples. Once you install your website for the first time MySite is designed to connect to your MySQL database and register your site and all the contents of your website is then kept in reference to your site name and site password. If for any reason either of these details are changed in the settings.php file your sites content will be lost to you until the original details are entered back in.

Next you need to set up your URL. This is used for a number of different things, if you wish to buy a license key which negates you from having adverts or if you wish your server to send out emails without them falling into a junkbox, etc.

e.g. $URL = "SuperGalacticSpaceWarriors.com";

First Admin

The first admin account is the one account that will always remain during the use of MySite. The idea behind it is that if someone sets up their MySite for the first time this account is created allowing people to start using the site immediately.

e.g. $AdminName = "Tim";
$AdminPass = "TTq4Z771QQpI";
$AdminEmail = "IR@ADMIN.com";

Every time you activate Downloader.php it runs a check to see if $AdminName exists in the users table of the MySQL database. If it doesn't then it creates it with the password and email additionally entered along with the permissions of an Admin. If the account does exist the password, email and permissions are defaulted back to what is in the settings.php file. If these details change in the settings.php file then they will be changed in the database too.

The Install

After you've configured the bare minimum for your MySite, covered in the First Steps of this documentation, then you can proceed to go to the Downloader.php file.

e.g. www.SuperGalacticSpaceWarriors.com/Downloader.php

This will activate the Downloader to install the latest available version of MySite straight to your server. You'll see a lot of files and folders appearing on your server, this is nothing to be alarmed about, this is just MySite installing itself. Once it's completed you'll be able to go to your domain and it will take you to the index page.

e.g. www.SuperGalacticSpaceWarriors.com

That is it. You've successfully installed MySite. if for any reason you have complications you can contact me using the Tech Support system.