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Faulty Frame Squad


Main Cast:
One Dread

Guest Cast:

Season 0
Season 1


Faulty Frame Squad is a machinima set in a spin off Warframe universe. The main cast are Banshee, Loki, and Volt who are considered the worst members of their clan.


Faulty Frame Squad

Ballistic Lance Team

Aspiring Directors Program

Do you want to become a machinima director like me, then clearly you have <<insert human anatomy here>> of tungsten! So over the course of making FFS I've been contacted by a few people who have told me that they've tried to make a machinima and I can confirm it is extremely difficult. Faulty Frame Squad is my 4th attempt at a machinima with the others getting to various stages of success to ultimately get cancelled due to the technology not existing or human commitment not being large enough.

Recently I've been talking to various people and discussed the possibility of bringing in more people to direct episodes of FFS. This is an interesting idea yet a huge risk at the same time. A lot of the FFS team that have vaulenteered to work on it have been given small opportunities to work on something and then after they've shown their dedication to the project they are more often asked to complete tasks to see an episode done.

So here's the plan, I want to be able to help aspiring machinima directors get to where they want to be and help FFS at the same time. Unfortunately I can't ask anyone to create an episode of FFS (as previously stated) at this time but what we'd like to do is expand the universe that the FFS live in more. The aim is new spin offs, tackling plot from a different angle and maybe create a three letter team of your own.

What does it mean to be a director you may ask? Ultimately everything is your responsibility, you want to get an episode of your show done, it's down to you to make it happen! Now this doesn't mean you have to do absolutely everything yourself, for example Tobiah puts every episode of FFS' dialogue together and applies the audio. Making a machinima is not a one man job, not by a long shot. What I personally do however is I record all the in game footage, edit it how I want, put the dialogue to it, do all the timings, (attempt) to direct in game actors, add sound effects, etc.

What I want to do for you is give you access to my resources so you can learn for yourself what it takes to make an episode of your show, this includes access to my in game actors, limited access to some of the existing characters, teach you my filming techniques and divulge some of the in game stuff that helps. Additionally if you want I can show you how to write scripts, explain what it takes to make good audio, enlighten you on how to work with your project partners, and advise you on how to recognise you've got enough polish on your video.

After I've taught you all this stuff you'll go away and put together an episode for yourself to be reviewed, if we're happy with it then we'll talk about including your creation into the FFS universe.