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- 13/01/2017

Start to make this thing real!

- 25/06/2015
So I've not been actively posting on here. That's mostly because anything I post about is short and sweet and just "BAM! Done." I <3 twitter. However, what's been going on:

Started new podcast show, Heroes Time.
Heroes Time was in part an experiment to try and see if some suggestions for Tenno Clock would work. Basically I've had lots of people turn to me and say break Tenno Clock into multiple videos and I've been super dubious that that is a good idea. So Heroes Time, being a podcast for Heroes of the Storm, was rebooted and experimented with to see if multiple videos per episode was viable. As it stands I do not believe it is but it's still kind of early days.

Getting on with Faulty Frame Squad.
So I've had a lot of difficulty with my job and it's been a very large hindrance to me getting on with Faulty Frame Squad. A few weeks back I said "enough is enough, Faulty Frame Squad will happen!" So one day a weekend I'm dedicating time to getting footage recorded for FFS. I also intend to put together a relatively simple page *looks at Tenno Clock page* *pause* A relatively complex page that will kinda discuss what Faulty Frame Squad is, what inspired it but most importantly where's the new stuff at.

I will tell you now however that we've got a bunch of the voice actors lines done, one needs to be redone but I've gotten about 95% of the footage from the first episode done. This took about 10 hours to get mostly because I HATE MONTAGES! I know that some people could say that "Well you could have planned this better" and I probably could have but given the limitations I think I did really well in most places.

Oh one thing I want to say for Faulty Frame Squad, Digital Extremes are freaking amazing. So one feature of Warframe is that if a friendly player is obscured a bright blue silhouette appears showing off the obscured parts. THIS WAS THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER! literally someone tries to walk into a room, bright ass blue silhouette appears before the door opens. Anyway, these amazingly lovely people put in a request that when you turn off the HUD in Warframe the silhouettes do not render, sweet chicken break this is a god send!

Tenno Clock got it's own page.
So basically I've been working with the Tenno Clock stuff for some short time and sweet baby hamster cannon, I was annoyed by the BB (bulletin board) Code on the Warframe Website, there were so many little things I wanted to do for a single post that it just didn't accommodate for so I've decided to move the main post to here where I can do things like a context menu or embed the contest form in the page. Also FULL CONTROL OF THE CSS! I <3 CSS.

Well that's pretty much it for the time being and I'll see if I can make some dedicated time to releasing more posts on here.

All the best

Back from holiday

- 06/01/2015
So many things have transpired since I last posted. One of the larger things is that I'm currently ill and all I want to do is curl up into bed and sleep... forever.

With regards to more productive things, I've been working hard with people for Faulty Frame Squad. When we initially created Faulty Frame Squad I was under strict orders not to prepare more content than was actually needed for any one episode, long story short: this meant that each episode was written after the production of the previous episode. Now since FFS was a huge success, comparatively to the rest of the monotonous crap on my YouTube channel, we felt that the next season should be produced the way it deserved to be produced. Currently we're working on the scripts for season 1 and we've got a lot written, we're just waiting on a few more and then we should be done and ready to start production.

With regards to Kingdom Star, well that'll start seeing regular releases as of tomorrow.

With regards to other top secret goings on, all I can say is *smiley face*

Races, Classes and Kingdoms oh my!

- 11/12/2014
So yesterday I ended up spending a lot of time with Yee and we discussed many of the things we'd like to see happen in Kingdom Star. Obviously World of Warcraft has had a massive influence on Kingdom Star's creation but we want to lead away from it in a very large way. Initially KS was going to be a what if scenario of the Warcraft Lore but not long after initial conception did Yee push that we truly make KS it's own universe. So some of the things we've decided are that their is a class based character system where certain characters can be Paladins, Monks and Rogues but the key thing here is that some of these classes require an innate talent to be able to do them.

Additionally I want to have it so that the logo for actually changes from image to image, It's not something I can easily do in CSS (which annoys me greatly). Likely I'll use a similar approach to how I've got the other random logo working, just having this specifically to do with the MenuLogo. Knowing me it'll be changed before anyone reads this ^_^.

I AM THE (data protection) LAW!

- 09/12/2014
So in case people aren't aware of what it is I do exactly, I'm a Research Associate. My job effectively entails me to develop different pieces of software for research purposes. Currently I'm in the process of writing up a Security and Ethics document with various other cohorts from different institutions. Some of the stuff I've found however for the Security side of things is quite nuts. For example if you were a company and you wanted to house some personal data, you can effectively just do it as long as you through up in the T&Cs that you're doing it... you don't need consent.

In additional news, I'm having to record episode #61 of TennoClock tonight because Loz is away on Conference towards the end of this week and our guest could only do then or tonight. Tonight it is! I have to thank the warframe player HoldXToRevive because they did me an absolute solid and found me some golden topics from the forum and reddit... I need to precede them down first but that won't take too long. It's quite surprising how long it actually takes just to find topics.

Additionally one of the other comic projects I'm working on is coming along nicely now and hopefully we'll be able to release in the next month or two.

Lastly, I now need to put together a trailer for Faulty Frame Squad season 1 over the Holiday period D:

Ep 60 of Tenno Clock

- 08/12/2014
So as the title states, Episode 60 of Tenno Clock is out.

For those of you who don't know, Tenno Clock is discussion series about how the community of Warframe react to it's development. It's done by selecting topics on the games forum and then discussing them in length between myself and my co-host Loz.

This week I decided to do something a bit in the spirit of generating new interest. I went ahead and posted on the forum topics stating that the topic had been discussed on this weeks Tenno Clock. In all honesty I don't truly know how I feel about this, I'm an advocate for advertisement but I'm one for advertisement that makes you think and completely opposed to those that are just in your face (he says looking at the advert to the right). I've attempted it, I don't know if it'll be accept or make a blind bit of difference for generating new interest. I'm hesitant to keep going if the views don't respond positively.

Additionally I can't get this out of my head:


- 06/12/2014
So as the title pretty much says. Wolframite Reign is getting transformed into pretty much my own website. I'll probably en devour to get another really obvious domain name pointing here. The purpose of this website was originally to be a method of me promoting MySite, my Content Management System (CMS) Web Package. As time has progressed I really felt that I'm not using this webspace to it's fully potential. So on here I'll be randomly talking about the various projects I'm working on and treating it more as a blog than as anything else.

Recently I've added in a twitter feed above the adverts just to see how I feel about it and my intention is to completely transform the appearance of this website.