Setting up your CSS

Setting up CSS for your MySite

In order to get your MySite to work with CSS you need to first tell MySite what CSS file you're going to be using. Open up your FTP client and log into your FTP server which is hosting your MySite. Then proceed to edit your settings.php (you maybe required to download the file to edit it). As you read through the settings.php file you'll see $CSS = "", all you need do now is write inside the quotes the name of the CSS file you wish MySite to use.

$CSS = "example.css"

Once that's complete go to your computer and open up notepad or preferably notepad++, if you're using notepadd++ you may need to open a new document. After doing so you now need to save your css file.

Notepad users

proceed to save your file by going to File -> Save As. Here you'll be able to save your css file but a very large and important thing is with the "Save as type" you select "All Files (*.*)" then in the "File name" area you put the exact same name as the one you used earlier, so "example.css".

You need to make sure you put the .css as notepad won't do it for you.

Notepad++ users

Proceed to save your css file by going to File -> Save As. The "Save as type" drop down box must be set to "Cascade Style Sheets (.css)". then you must enter the name previously used in settings.php, "example.css".


After you've created your .css file you now need to upload it to your FTP server in the folder called CSS. That is all, you have now successfully set up MySite to run some CSS.