Warframe Builds by Warframe Youtubers
Greetings fellow Tenno, my name is Xenogelion (no shit Sherlock), and I've tasked myself with gathering all the builds of various different YouTubers like Rob from AGayGuyPlays, Mogamu and other lesser known Warframe YouTubers. All these builds are collated and put together here on this page allowing you to see what they recommend. That being said, enjoy!

Because of how huge this job is, additional people have helped. These amazing people are:
- Assistant Consultant, Chardansearavitriol

Primed Warframes

Ash Prime |
Ember Prime
Excalibur Prime
Frost Prime
Loki Prime
Mag Prime
Nova Prime A, B
Nyx Prime
Rhino Prime
Saryn Prime
Trinity Prime
Volt Prime

Primed Primaries

Boar Prime
Boltor Prime
Braton Prime
Burston Prime
Latron Prime
Paris Prime A, B, C
Soma Prime A, B
Vectis Prime

Primed Secondaries

Akbronco Prime
Bronco Prime
Hikou Prime
Lato Prime
Lex Prime A, B, C
Sicarus Prime
Spira Prime |
Vasto Prime A, B, C

Primed Melee

Ankyros Prime
Bo Prime
Dakra Prime
Dual Kamas Prime
Fan Prime
Glaive Prime
Nikana Prime | |
Orthos Prime
Reaper Prime
Scindo Prime
Skana Prime