Your MySites Font

Your MySite's Font

So one of the first things that people often want to do is change the font on their site. We can either specialise where we want to have the new text or we can have the whole page as a specific font. Initially we shall cover having the entire site as a single font. First open your .css file on your ftp server so we can enter some code.


So first things first, We have classes and ids. A class is an object in HTML, like an link, that has a special custom class but unlink ids a class can be associated to lots and lots of different things. An id however can only be associated to a single object and won't work for any following objects with the same id. For the benefit of the universe, and new comers, I'll only be working with classes.

Right, in addition to classes and ids there are also the default objects. For those of you who don't know an anchor link (the formal name for a url link) is <a>. Likewise all the content for a website is contained within the <body> tag.

So in order to change the font we first need to set the object to be:



From here we can enter a series of different effects but for now we're going to look at the text effects (CSS & CSS3). So the first change we're going to make is do